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Name: Nikita Marrone
Age: 25
Height: 168 cm
Bust: 90 cm
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Chest: 25
Waist: 63 cm
Hips: 90 cm
Shoes: 38 EU; 24 JP


I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I enjoy my profession because it allows me to express my creativity, while having fun at the same time. I also have experience in acting and have made 2 films in Japan,1 DVD and 1 music-video.

I would like to thank all the excellent people that I worked with in Japan;(directors, managers, agents, friends, and freedom my webpage designer). My native language is Spanish. I also speak English, a little French, Portuguese, and Italian (because I am 3rd generation of Italians in Argentina).

My hobbies are martial arts, going to the gym, taking pictures, writing, and traveling. I love animals, rainy days, movies, a peaceful home, the ocean, and my family the most.

Thank You,